5x our favorites restaurants on Karpathos

We regularly get private messages asking where we think you should definitely eat and last week was another hit ;). Therefore, we thought it would be fun to share with you our favorites restaurants on Karpathos. The 5 restaurants below are all different restaurants that we love to go to!

Restaurant Kipos Karpathos

5x Restaurants on Karpathos

En Plo – Pigadia, Karpathos

When you see En Plo, you may not immediately think of a restaurant to dine at night. We understand. It looks more like a café/bar where you can go for a drink. Nothing is less true, En Plo is really suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner! At En Plo they serve very diverse dishes and not necessarily Greek. Great, because it’s nice to eat something different sometimes! En Plo for us is:

  • Cozy, good staff
  • Tasty cocktails (Happy hour between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.)
  • Good burgers and sandwiches
  • Yogurt breakfast (yogurt with fresh fruit, honey and walnuts, YUM!)
Breakfast And Plo Karpathos

Four Seasons – Amoopi, Karpathos

Four Seasons is our favorite restaurant in the village of Amoopi on Karpathos. First we always have a drink with Tom from the Skala Bar and then we have dinner at the Four Seasons. A cozy place with simple but good Greek dishes. Especially their fresh bread with onions is really delicious! Four Seasons is for us:

  • Cozy, good staff
  • In addition to the menu always some fresh dishes
  • Fresh Carpathian bread (warm!)
  • Ouzo on the house
Four Seasons restaurant Ammoopi Karpathos (1)

Kipos – Arkassa, Karpathos

For us, Kipos is truly the number #1 among restaurants on Karpathos. The name of the restaurant already lives up to its name. Kipos means garden and that is what the restaurant looks like. They have a delicious cuisine. Greek dishes, but with a different touch.

  • Wonderful location and good staff
  • Greek dishes, but just a little different
  • Fresh dishes every day, in addition to the regular menu
  • Try ‘Kipan-gria’, delicious alcoholic drink! Is no longer on the menu, but if you ask, Manolis will make it specially for you 😉
Manolis salad Kipos restaurant Karpathos scaled

Mesogios – Pigadia, Karpathos

Mesogios restaurant can be found at the port of Karpathos in Pigadia. Recently the place has been painted, but it used to be a restaurant really very skin blue. Really Greek, which was also the reason we went there to eat at the time: really a Greek taverna. Mesogios has a lot of dishes and is known for Greek tapas, mezzes. They also have fresh dishes every day. Mesogios for us:

  • Good staff (and funny!)
  • Different, fresh dishes every day (available from +/- 3 p.m. via Facebook)
  • Spanakopita
  • Whole or half chicken every Friday and Saturday
Mesogios restraurant Karpathos Pigadia (2)

Poseidon – Afiartis, Karpathos

Poseidon restaurant is closed to our house 😊 The restaurant (and hotel) is located near Damatria beach in Afiartis. This restaurant on Karpathos is run by a Dutch sommelier and his Greek wife. She participated in Masterchef Greece a few years ago and you can see that in the dishes. All the dishes are very special. The prices here are a lot higher than in the other restaurants on Karpathos. But Poseidon is definitely nice for a special evening or to celebrate something. Poseidon means for us:

  • Special dishes
  • For a special evening or to celebrate something
  • Chicken nest
  • Lamb & pork from the Greek oven on Sundays (reservations usually required)
Chicken nest Poseidon Karpathos

Under the trees – Finiki, Karpathos

If you are looking for a fine restaurant to have lunch on Karpathos, Under the trees is recommended! This restaurant has a fantastic spot with beautiful views. The location is recognizable by the blue bench along the road. Many tourists take photos here, highly recommended! In front of the blue bench (seen from Finiki towards Lefkos) you will find Under the trees. This spot has a small menu, but is O so delicious! We stopped here for a piece of bread and souvlaki and it was to die for! Under the trees for us:

  • Cozy stopover
  • For a simple (but tasty!) lunch
  • Souvlaki sticks
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