Kipos restaurant on Karpathos | Idyllic dining in a Greek garden

Kipos is a very nice restaurant in Arkassa on the west coast of Karpathos. And by the way, did you know that Kipos means “garden” in Greek? And that is exactly where you, imagine yourself when you eat at Kipos.

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Kipos is located opposite the apartment complex Popi studios. Directions: When you drive into Arkassa you will see a scooter rental company on your left. At this point you immediately turn right, into a small street where you think you can not drive by car, but you can ;). Ah fine, Kipos is a bit hidden in Arkassa, just outside the center. Which in itself is nice, it’s a bit quieter.

What I like about Kipos is that their menu is a bit different from other restaurants. After some standard Greek dishes, they also have some more special dishes on the menu and the menu does not consist of 10 pages (… because hard to choose!). In addition, the food is always beautifully served and it all just looks top quality. Every day they have a few dishes on the daily menu. So you are always welcome to take a look in the kitchen!

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