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and welcome to the Karpathos guide. My name is Athina and together with my fiancé Vincent we live on the Greek island of Karpathos for a few months every year.

I myself first came to the island when I was 9 years old and I haven’t skipped a year since. Together with Vincent, I bought a holiday home on the island in 2017. Early this year (2021) we decided to quit our jobs in the Netherlands and start our own business, so we could be location independent and thus enjoy Karpathos more.

This island is my happy place and I want to share that with you. The Karpathos guide is your online travel guide where I will show you the most beautiful and nicest places of the island. Besides personal stories, I’ll tell you about our favourite restaurants, the most beautiful beaches and the best activities. This way you can be prepared for your trip and enjoy all the beauty that this Greek island has to offer!



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Recent blogs

Boat trip on Karpathos | Apella en Kyra Panagia

Boat trip on Karpathos | Apella en Kyra Panagia

As you may know if you follow my blog, I have just returned from a week on Karpathos with friends. It was their first time on the island so I showed them as much as possible. A boat trip could not be missed this week on Karpathos! In this blog you can read more about...

Kato Lako | The hidden gem of Karpathos

Kato Lako | The hidden gem of Karpathos

I have been visiting Karpathos for 14 years now and still every year I discover new places. Last week I went to Kato Lako beach with Vincent for the first time. When we arrived, we immediately thought the same thing: the most beautiful beach we have seen so far…!...

A day trip from Karpathos to Kasos island

A day trip from Karpathos to Kasos island

Yesterday we took the boat to Kasos island for the first time(!). The plan had been on our list for a long time, but every time the holiday was over and we had not been there yet. So yesterday it was high time: a day trip to Kasos. In this blog, we will take you...

How we bought a house on Karpathos and you can too!

We regularly get the question “may I ask how you bought a house on the island?”. It’s only logical, of course. A house abroad is very special, especially at our age. Yet we do not see buying a house abroad as impossible. In fact, we think a lot of people could do it!

Lux View Villas Karpathos

Travel video

Every year we make a video of our holidays. In 2020 it was a bit difficult because of corona, but this is our beautiful video of 2019. At the end of 2021, the newest video will be online, of course!

Our top 3 

1. Boat trip to Apella and Kyra Panagia

Do you want to discover the island by boat? Several boats depart daily from the capital Pigadia. One of our favourites is the boat trip of Sofia my Love. Read more about it here boat trip on Karpathos.

2. Our favourite restaurants on Karpathos

Karpathos has lots of good taverna’s to offer. You’ll find our best restaurants on Karpathos in this blog.

3. Mosaic workshop

Besides hiking tours Art and Walk offers mosaic workshops as well. Read here about their mosaic workshop.

The Karpathos guide