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Hi, we are Athina & Vincent. In 2017, we bought our own house on the Greek island of Karpathos. Holidays alone proved not enough for us and so in 2021 we decided to sell our house in the Netherlands. Since then, we have lived a large part of the year here, on Karpathos. In September 2022, we even got married there and 30 of our dear friends flew over. So special!

We love the island: the peace, nature, beaches and the nice weather, of course. This island is our happy place and we want to share it! This guide full of tips to give you the ultimate Karpathos experience. Enjoy!

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Karpathos travel guide

Forget the hassle of spending hours searching the internet. With our guide, you have all the information you need bundled together. From activities to restaurants to practical information. Every place visited (and photographed) ourselves. Personal tips and recommendations from a – now – local!

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Wind on Karpathos: Are they really that strong here?

Wind on Karpathos: Are they really that strong here?

On Facebook there are several groups about Greece and every time someone has a question about Karpathos, there are always about 10 people who shout: "DO NOT GO TO KARPATHOS, THE WIND IS ALWAYS SO EXTREME AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING". We don't want to say that it doesn't...

How is the weather on Karpathos?

How is the weather on Karpathos?

Over the past year, we have tracked the temperature, wind force, wind direction and rainfall each day. We have processed this information in handy tables and hope to give you more information about what to expect from the weather on Karpathos. Of course, the weather...

Hiking on Karpathos

Hiking on Karpathos

Karpathos is known as the island for hikers. Hiking on Karpathos is amazing. Unspoiled landscapes and breathtaking views. Don't forget the smell of all the herbs the island has to offer. Karpathos has so much to offer for hikers and especially in the off-season you...

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Art and Walk

Discovering Karpathos with a guide? With our dear friends at Art and Walk, you’ve come to the right place! They offer various walks, creative workshops, a wine tasting or visit the local beekeeper together.

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