Nikos boat Diafani: discover the North of Karpathos!

Have you always wanted to explore the north of Karpathos? Then book a boat trip with Nikos Boat Diafani! From the harbor town of Diafani, Nikos offers various boat trips. Most of the places you visit are not accessible by car, making it extra fun to discover these spots by boat. In this blog, we’ll tell you more about the three boat trips you can take with Nikos Boat Diafani.

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Discover Saria with Nikos boat Diafani

Saria is an uninhabited island north of Karpathos. No residents, except for the occasional goats and donkeys. In our opinion, if you do one activity on Karpathos, it should be visiting this island!

The island is known as ‘the pirate island’. In the Middle Ages, many pirates sought refuge here. The island was once inhabited, but now no one lives there. On the hills, especially near Palatia beach, you can still find various ruins!

Palatia Beach is the most well-known beach on Saria, but there are many more! During Nikos’ boat trip, you will visit not only Palatia but also Alimounda Beach. Before reaching Saria, there’s a stop at the water cave called Troulakas. Here, you can jump off the boat into the water and swim into the cave! Afterwards, it’s time to explore Saria, where a BBQ is served on Palatia Beach.

Nikos Boat Diafani offers this boat trip on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Departure is at 10:00 AM from Diafani harbor, and you return at 6:30 PM. The cost depends on the number of people and whether you also want lunch (barbecue). You can request this trip through their website, Nikos Boat Diafani.

Saria Nikos boat Diafani Karpathos
Saria Nikos boat Diafani Karpathos

Discover Tristomo and Vroukounda

Tristomo and Vroukounda are two very special spots in the far north of Karpathos. You can’t reach them by car, but you can hike there from the village of Avlona. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get to Vroukounda and three hours to reach Tristomo. If hiking isn’t your thing but you still want to see these places, you can take a boat from Diafani to get there.

Tristomo is a harbour in the far north of Karpathos. It’s a small harbour town where no one currently lives. You can swim here and explore the area.

Vroukounda is an ancient city where many people used to live, but now no one does. You can explore the ruins, swim in a natural pool, and visit the St. Ioanis (John) church located in a cave. The St. Ioanis festival is on August 28-29. On a boat trip with Nikos, Vroukounda is also where a delicious lunch is served!

Nikos offers this trip upon request because it’s somewhat weather-dependent whether you can go there by boat or not. Strong winds or currents can make it difficult. Interested in this trip? Just send a message via the Nikos Boat Diafani website.

Nikos boat Diafani Karpathos Tristomo

Visit the beaches south of Diafani

You’ll find many beautiful beaches on the east side in the north of Karpathos. Unfortunately, most of these beaches are not easily accessible, and many rental companies prohibit driving there due to poor, unpaved roads. Additionally, cell reception is weak, so if you have car trouble, you can’t always call for help immediately.

However, these beaches are worth visiting, and how fun is it that you can do so by boat! Nikos Boat Diafani offers this boat trip from Diafani on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The boat departs at 10:00 AM and returns around 6:30 PM to Diafani harbor.

During this trip, you’ll visit beaches such as Papa Minas, Opsi, Forokli, Kapi, Nati, and the only organized beach on this trip: Agios Minas. You can also add Apella Beach to this list, but you must request this in advance.

You can book this trip on their website Nikos Boat Diafani.

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