Karpathos airport: everything you need to know

Not everyone expects Karpathos to have its own airport because the island is so small. Yet Karpathos does indeed have an airport. Officially it is the Karpathos Island National Airport, but is often called Karpathos Airport and for those who want to know, its IATA code is AOK. In this article, we will tell you more about this airport and what to expect there!

History and location

Karpathos Airport is located about 15 kilometres south of the capital Pigadia, in the area of Afiartis. Although many people think that the island has not had its own airport for so long, it was already possible to fly here in 1970! Since then, of course, it has been rebuilt several times, especially as more and more tourists come to the island.

From the airport, you can reach Pigadia (Karpathos Town) and Arkassa in about 20 minutes. To Amoopi you drive in about 15 minutes.

Flight to and from Karpathos airport

Karpathos Airport mainly serves domestic flights and seasonal international routes.

Domestic flights from Rhodes, Kasos and Athens arrive on the island several times a week throughout the year. The first international routes usually start in late April. TUI and Sunweb’s Dutch flights are always the first to arrive. Usually around 25 April.

Karpathos airport

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Karpathos Airport’s terminal is small but efficient. It has basic facilities such as an information desk, toilets and a café-bar. In addition, you will also find several car rental companies and you can of course come here in case your luggage is missing or broken. You’ll find this office in the departure terminal.

Catering and shops

There is a café-bar where passengers can buy snacks and drinks. This is especially useful for travellers arriving early or waiting for their flight. After customs, you will find another café where you can get water, soda, snacks and sandwiches, and there is a duty-free shop where you can buy (Greek) drinks, perfume, chocolate, souvenirs and cigarettes, among other things.

Local transport

After arriving at Karpathos Airport, you can travel to your accommodation using your own transport or a taxi. Unfortunately, buses do not run between the airport and the villages as standard. This is because these buses are used by tour operators at that time. Taxis are readily available and a ride to Pigadia costs 35 euros (2023). Of course, you can also rent a car on Karpathos. Depending on what you have discussed with the rental company, they are usually waiting for you or you can, report to their counter at the airport and then take your car.

Most asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best way to get from Karpathos Airport to my hotel?

The best way to get from the airport to your hotel is by taxi or rental car.

2. What are the opening hours of Karpathos Airport?

Karpathos Airport is open according to the flight schedule. So it is not always open like other busy airports. Therefore, when there are no flights for a (half) day, the plane is not accessible.

3. How long in advance do I need to be at Karpathos airport?

Tour operators’ buses are usually there between 2.5 to 2 hours for a flight. If you travel to the airport yourself, you can allow 1.5 hours for an international flight and 1 hour for a domestic flight. Especially if you only have hand luggage and have already checked in online, you can go straight through.

4. Can I pay with a card at the airport or withdraw cash there?

Yes, you can [pay by card here and there is also an ATM machine in the arrivals hall.

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