How is the weather on Karpathos?

Over the past year, we have tracked the temperature, wind force, wind direction and rainfall each day. We have processed this information in handy tables and hope to give you more information about what to expect from the weather on Karpathos. Of course, the weather is never completely predictable, but still, we hope to give you some more insight with this information.

Karpathos (and Greece in general) has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers. On Karpathos, the weather is perfect from May to September! Average temperatures range from 25°C to 35°C. Sometimes we have outliers to 40°C, but this is rare and usually lasts only 2-3 days. February is the coldest month in Greece and we see the same on Karpathos. During this month we always have a few days when it is below 10 degrees. Often this is also accompanied by strong winds, which lowers the wind chill even more.

The weather on Karpathos from April to September

Karpathos is one of the southernmost islands of Greece. It is located near the equator and as a result, it is generally a lot warmer than in the north of Greece. Karpathos is, therefore, a very suitable destination for the beginning of the season (late April and early May), because it gets warm here faster than other islands and mainland Greece.

Generally, April is around 20°C. Last year May was quite “cold” with an average also of 20°C, but normally in May it is around 25°C. It also depends a bit on where you sit on the island. The resort of Amoopi is quite sheltered and the wind chill is often higher than in other places on the island because of the little wind. July and August are therefore very hot in Amoopi, but at the beginning of the season, Amoopi is the perfect base as far as we are concerned. You can enjoy the beach here early in the season.

Take into account the occasional population, especially in April, and don’t forget to bring a cardigan. Although it is nice during the day, it can still cool off at night.

The seawater hasn’t been able to warm up yet. From the end of May, the water gets nicer and nicer, but before that, it depends a bit per person whether you go all the way into the water already. Expect the seawater to be around 20°C.

Little can be said about June, July, August and September. There is never any rain in this period. It is about 30°C with occasional peaks, and in early June it is even slightly “colder”: about 25°C. The sea water in this period is lovely and it is really enjoyable!

Karpathos temperature 2023 Q2
Karpathos temperature 2023 Q3

The weather on Karpathos from October to March

Early October ends the season on Karpathos, but the weather is still wonderful! Locals can still enjoy 25°C and we have the beaches to ourselves 😉 During this period it does cool down a bit more at night, but it is still lovely during the day. Christmas and New Year are often still sunny and Vincent and I sometimes miss the Christmas feeling we had in Holland.

January is somewhat questionable. There are often a few good days in between where you can sunbathe out of the wind, but it can also get quite cold and cloudy. With about 17°C it is still not that cold and we do not need a coat, but a sweater is needed outside.

February and March are often the coldest months in Greece; we see this on Karpathos when we look at the weather. February in particular often has considerable outliers downwards. Especially if it is also windy, the wind chill can make it cold for a while.

Karpathos temperature 2023 Q4
Karpathos temperature 2023 Q1

Is there a lot of wind on Karpathos?

Surely one of the most frequently asked questions is what about the wind on Karpathos? The island is known for its “strong” winds. We certainly do not want to say that it is not windy here, but it very much depends on what period you come to and where you stay on the island. In addition, it can indeed happen that you just have bad luck. It is a pity that these unlucky people immediately say that it ALWAYS blows on Karpathos and that you should NEVER go here. We have written an extensive blog about the wind on Karpathos. In this blog, we tell you more about what to expect, what the Meltemi wind is and how hard it blows on Karpathos. Plus tips for when the wind does blow.

Rain on Karpathos: what to expect?

Precipitation varies greatly depending on the Greek region and season. Winter months can bring more precipitation, while summer months tend to be dry. Below is an overview of rainfall in 2023.

Karpathos rainfall 2023
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