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Exploring Karpathos by bus? Of course you can! Although we prefer to recommend renting a car on Karpathos, we understand that not everyone wants or can do so. Fortunately, then, the bus is also an option! In this article we will tell you more about travelling by bus on Karpathos.

KTEL Karpathos bus service

The company that arranges buses on Karpathos, as in many other places in Greece, is KTEL. For information, you can always walk past the central bus station in Pigadia, call +30 2245022338 or email

The central bus station in Pigadia

Karpathos’ central bus station can be found in the capital Pigadia, also known as Karpathos Town.

Here is a link to the location on Google Maps. Or if you like to search with coordinates: 35.506892, 27.210319.

Since 2023, several bus shelters have been renewed in the towns where the bus comes. They stand out a lot more with a nice picture of Karpathos and their dark blue colours!

Karpathos bus

Routes and costs

10 routes are running between Pigadia (Karpathos town) and the various villages and beaches on the island. In the low season, the frequency of most routes is a bit lower or not there at all. This is because some of the buses during this period (and also at the end of the season) are still used for school children. Once they have holidays, they can put in more buses.

On Karpathos, buses run the following routes from and towards Pigadia:

  • Pigadia – Olympos and Diafani
  • Pigadia – Lefkos
  • Pigadia – Menetes, Arkassa, Saint Nicolas and Finiki
  • Pigadia – Kyra Panagia and Apella beach
  • Pigadia – Ahata beach
  • Pigadia – Spoa and Mesochori
  • Pigadia – Aperi, Volada, Othos and Pyles
  • Pigadia – Amoopi
  • Pigadia – Afiartis and Airport
  • Pigadia – Vrontis General Hospital (just outside Pigadia towards Aperi)

Travelling by bus on Karpathos is not expensive, depending on the route you will pay around 2 to 9 euros per one-way trip. You can find the price list below. Or you can download it here.

Karpathos bus schule prices 2024

Karpathos bus schedule 2024

Below is the Karpathos bus schedule. We try to replace it as soon as it is released. Usually by mid-May, the bus schedule comes out and a new schedule follows during the high season for the busier period.

Download the Karpathos bus schedule 2024 here. Or check it out below.

Karpathos bus schema timetable 2024
Karpathos travel guide

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