Where should you stay on Karpathos? All villages in a row + our advice

Karpathos is beautiful! And with its beautiful beaches, traditional villages and lively atmosphere, it has something for everyone. If you are planning to visit Karpathos, there are some seaside resorts and villages where you should stay. In this blog we take you through all the (bath) places where you can stay on Karpathos and the highlights. This way you can choose what suits you best, but you do have a good idea of what is possible.

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The top 3 places to stay on Karpathos

Let's take a look at the 3 most famous places when it comes to staying on Karpathos!

Pigadia (Karpathos city)

Pigadia is the capital of the island and is also called Karpathos city. This is the largest place to stay and you will find everything here. From shops, bars to restaurants, but also most accommodations are here. A long sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas runs along the town.

The center is built around the port of Pigadia. The ferry arrives here several times a week and the boats also leave for a nice boat trip to Apella, for example. On the boulevard you will also find most restaurants and in the street next to it you will find various tourist shops.

Although Pigadia is the capital and therefore the largest place, Pigadia is still not really masal if you compare it with other islands. It is really nice and lively here and you can stroll along the boulevard!

Characteristic of Pigadia:

  • Fully equipped
  • Beach is next to the village
  • Busiest place to spend the night (it's kind of a mini-town after all)

Arkassa & Finiki

Arkassa, located on the west coast of Karpathos, is a nice Greek village. In addition to tourists, you will also see many locals here. As far as we are concerned, Arkassa is the perfect location to stay on Karpathos. It is not as lively as Pigadia, but still has everything, including a cozy village center. The village is also centrally located to visit other places on the island.

Finiki is a small fishing village. It looks really Greek and has a small harbor with a beach and several restaurants!

Characteristic of Arkassa and Finiki:

  • Tasty Greek and cozy
  • Several restaurants & a supermarket
  • Arkassa & Finiki beach within walking distance

I love you

Amoopi can be found on the southeast coast of Karpathos. There are several beaches here, both sandy and pebble beaches. And all within walking distance. There are a number of tavernas where you can eat in this town and otherwise you can reach Pigadia by car (5 minutes). Definitely worth a visit in Amoopi is the Skala bar where you can drink an ouzomilshake.

Characteristic of Amoopi:

  • Lots of beaches!
  • 5 minutes drive from Pigadia
  • Quite warm in high season (no wind usually)
  • Full beaches in high season
  • The place where it is already nice and warm in May!
Pigadia Karpathos-stad Karpathos
Uitzicht vanaf Skala bar over Ammoopi Karpathos scaled
Finiki Karpathos
Finiki Karpathos

Where else you can stay on Karpathos

Yes, there are more nice places to stay on Karpathos


Lefkos, located on the west coast of Karpathos, is a pleasant village with several beaches. It is quiet and has a few restaurants and accommodations. The village is quite a drive from the lively side of the island (around Pigadia, Arkassa and Amoopi), so a car is recommended and you will be on the road a little longer.

Characteristic of Lefkos:

  • Beautiful seaside resort with several beaches
  • Greek vibes
  • Remote, so a car is definitely recommended!


Afiartis is located in the south of Karpathos and is the place to be if you plan on windsurfing. It is not really a village, but more all separate houses and accommodations (see the 2nd photo below!). There is a small supermarket for essentials and 5 restaurants. If you stay here, a car is definitely recommended! With 15 minutes you are in both Arkassa and Pigadia.

Characteristic of Afiartis :

  • Nice and quiet overnight stay
  • Lots of wind, so a lot less hot
  • The perfect place for windsurfers
  • No village center to walk around
  • Met de auto in 15 minutes in Arkassa en Pigadia

Kyra Panagia

You will find this seaside resort on the east coast of Karpathos, a bit above the capital Pigadia. It is a small seaside resort with a few accommodations, a beautiful beach and 2 beach bars where you can eat. Here too: you really need a car. To see other places, to be able to eat in different restaurants and to do your shopping.

Characteristics of Kyra Panagia :

  • A really beautiful location!
  • Quiet to spend the night
  • Remote, so a car is definitely recommended!
Lefkos Karpathos
Lefkos Karpathos
Afiartis Karpathos
Kyra Panagia Karpathos
Kyra Panagia

What is the best place on Karpathos?

As far as we are concerned, a bit 50/50 when it comes to Pigadia and Arkassa! Personally, we prefer Arkassa. This village is just a bit smaller, a bit more Greek, a bit more relaxed. However, it still has several restaurants and you can reach all kinds of nice places in 20 minutes by car. Would you rather not drive a car and would you rather walk to a restaurant every day + do you want a lot of choice? Then Pigadia is your place!

Afiartis is also a good choice. Especially with a car. It is very central so you are nice and fast everywhere, but your place of residence is just a bit quieter. Just look at these beautiful villas.

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