Diakoftis beach | Beautiful secluded beach behind the airport

What a beautiful secluded beach Diakoftis is located right behind the airport! Actually, it is not one beach, but you even have two. More here later in this blog. It used to be a somewhat lesser known beach, but in recent years the Italians have discovered the beach.

Diakoftis Beach Karpathos

Where is Diakoftis Beach?

The two beaches of Diakoftis are located behind the airport, see the coordinates below. The airport is located at the south-western tip of Karpathos. For this you have to drive a long stretch on an unpaved road. We prefer to do this by car or quad. This is possible with the scooter, but you have to watch out for the stones.

Route to Diakoftis

Seen from the airport, first turn left into the road to Arkassa, after which you immediately turn left again at the T-junction. Now you drive around the airport. When the paved road turns right from the airport, go right onto the dirt road (there is also a sign with Diakoftis). You drive this all the way out until you have another T-junction. Here you turn left and you will probably soon see some cars parked.

Parks at Diakoftis

You can easily park your car, quad or scooter here. However, it can be a bit busier in high season. Then you will have to park a little further back. Tip is therefore to go nice and early ???? .

Two beaches of Diakoftis

First beach next to parking lot

The first beach is located directly at the parking lot. This is the most popular beach of the two because it really is a dream beach. It is a sandy beach which is largely shallow, so that the water can reach a nice temperature. The water here is so beautifully clear. You really are at the end of the island!

Diakoftis beach

Second beach slightly to the back

For the second beach you have to walk a bit. This is a much larger beach and often a lot quieter. The water gets deeper here a bit faster, making the water a bit cooler than the first beach. Tip is also definitely to visit both beaches.

Diakoftis beach

Facts about Diakoftis

Here we are going to share some fun facts about Diakoftis with you. When it is wise to go to Diakoftis and what you should definitely do!

Don't go when the wind is blowing hard

Diakoftis is really a sandy beach and around the airport it can be very windy. That is why it is also a good windsurfing spot ???? . It is not wise to go to Diakoftis when the wind is blowing hard. Then you will literally be sandblasted! With strong wind you better go to the beach on the east of Karpathos. Think Amoopi, Ahata, Kyra and Apella .

Spotting a plane

Especially on the second beach of Diakoftis, the planes fly over the sea! Especially in the high season there are "many" and large planes flying. But yes, what is a lot on an island like Karpathos ???? . We have also experienced helicopters landing from the military. There is also a military base directly on the plane. As a result, you regularly see military jeeps driving by.


Don't forget to bring your camera! Both beaches are very photogenic, especially the first beach is also very shallow. We regularly see that people hold an entire photo shoot. The middle part between the two beaches is also photogenic. It is a rocky area that is surrounded by the beautiful clear blue water.

Diakoftis 11
Diakoftis Beach Photoshoot
Diakoftis 15
Diakoftis Helicopters

Taverna instead of canteen

In the past there was always a canteen between the two beaches. Here you could get a nice cold beer, but they also had some hot meals. They had to leave a few years ago and a tarverna was built. Personally, we think this is a pity, because the canteen had something and added to Diakoftis. The new taverna is modern and sometimes loud music is played.


Diakoftis is one of the nice snorkeling spots on Karpathos. Both beaches are very different for snorkeling. The first beach is shallow for a long time, so you can snorkel quite a bit shallow. On the second beach it gets deep faster and you see large plateaus at depth. The beauty of Greece is and remains the clear water. This way you can still see everything perfectly at depth!

Kalimera! We are Athina & Vincent. A Dutch couple who have been living on Karpathos for a few years. On this blog we share our stories and the most beautiful places of the island with you!

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