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Afiartis is one of the many villages on Karpathos. A quiet village where relatively few Greeks live. They find it ‘too windy’. And that is true, especially in the summer it can be wind force 6 to 8. A big advantage of having few people living there is that every house often has a priceless view, because nothing has been built in front of it (yet). We take advantage of this, but so does Poseidon restaurant on Karpathos (& hotel!). Both the hotel (yes, all the rooms!) and the restaurant have a beautiful view around Damatria beach. Angela and Ingmar are the owners of this beautiful little hideaway and have really turned it into something very special.

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About Poseidon restaurant on Karpathos

Angela and Ingmar took over the hotel and restaurant Poseidon from her parents on Carpathos a few years back. To the concept, they gave a whole new twist. A few years back they transformed the ordinary restaurant into a chef-worthy restaurant. Angela participated in Masterchef Greece and Ingmar worked for our Dutch Ron Blaauw: a perfect combination for dining in style.

In recent years, the hotel rooms have also been updated and given a new look that completely matches the style of the restaurant. The rooms have been modified in such a way that you can really unwind. For those who want to relax in a luxury suite after a nice lunch at Poseidon, this is also possible. In fact, they have 2 luxury suites!

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Private Jacuzzi with phenomenal views

We spent two nights at the hotel and in both luxury suites to experience that feeling for a while 😉 . We take you through the first night sleeping in the luxury suite with jacuzzi. We were able to check in early and thus enjoy this beautiful place extra long. Upon arrival Ingmar takes us to the suite and shows us around.

The suite looks beautiful. The room has a lovely bed, with adjacent (open!) bathroom, plenty of closet space and a television with international channels (as far as watching TV on vacation, but still 😉 ). We can also make a cup of coffee or tea in the room. There is a mini fridge as well. There are also beds reserved for us at Damatria beach, but the best part is the jacuzzi.

View from the jacuzzi

Right from your bed you can plunge into the jacuzzi and from here you have a breathtaking view of Damatria Bay. At night, the view from the jacuzzi is also stunning, the millions of stars in the sky adding a magical feel to a romantic evening. Lovely to open a bottle of wine after dinner anyway and have a nice chat.

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Breakfast at Poseidon Blue

… waking up to the sun shining through the room early makes you feel sleepy! We start our day with breakfast at the restaurant and enjoy a few more hours in the Jacuzzi before heading to the beach. You can choose several breakfasts at the restaurant which are served on a large tray per person. Also possible for if you don’t sleep in the hotel, but feel like having breakfast out the door you can come here! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

In our e-book we have a discount code for the breakfast at Poseidon Blue!

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Amazing diner

The restaurant is really a picture and immediately gives you a warm feeling. The restaurant is surrounded with flowers and plants and you have a beautiful view of Damatria Bay. The menu card looks inviting. Thankfully no endless pages of moussaka, chicken souvlaki and pastitio! Don’t get me wrong, these are all delicious Greek dishes, but during your vacation you might want to eat something different one day.

The dishes

On the menu you will find a small selection of starters and main courses. All so different, special to me is the layout and taste of the dishes. It makes the dish come into its own much more.

My favorite is turkey breast with honey mustard sauce, jasmine rice and sprouts. Sounds pretty simple, but the way it is served and tastes, you won’t find it like that anywhere, believe me 😉 .

2021- meanwhile my favorite dish is no longer there! Poseidon Blue changes (partially) their menu every year.

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Greek wine list

In addition to the standard house wines, Poseidon also has a special Greek wine list that features a very good selection of wines. No idea what you like? Feel free to ask because Ingmar will come and tell you about the wines with great passion! This is where his old roots come in when Ingmar was sommelier at Ron Blaauw.

Always fun to hear when that one has discovered new wines in his winter season. Once that one knows what you like, then you’re screwed haha 😉

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Finishing with dessert

If you’re not quite full from a starter, and main course (and even if you are! 😉 ) be sure to opt for dessert at Poseidon, because again, this one looks like a picture on the table. My favorite is the Nutella Souffle, aah! It is so delicious!

Tip for dining

A tip for when you’re dining at Poseidon and you don’t know what to choose because you’re hungry for everything. Order 1 dish each time with someone and share it. This happens a lot at Poseidon, so you can enjoy multiple dishes, you won’t get full as quickly and you can enjoy the evening even longer!


Curious about the restaurant’s prices? I can reassure you, as it is not too bad. Poseidon is more expensive than an average restaurant on Karpathos. But you get a lot in return. Compared to the price-quality ratio that we know in the Netherlands, dining here is really a bargain.

Would you also like to stay at the Poseidon hotel? You can book here. You have a choice of rooms, each with its own price range. Breakfast is included in the overnight stay. Not staying overnight but dining? I recommend booking in advance. Especially in high season it can fill up quickly!

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