My favorite places to have breakfast on Karpathos

We always have breakfast on Karpathos at home, but we always find breakfast outside the door 1 to 2 times very tasty. When we do, we have breakfast in Pigadia at En Plo or near our house at Poseidon Blue. How & what to read in this blog ????

Breakfast on Karpathos

I find an extensive breakfast very pleasant. It is of course even more fun if you are on holiday and can have breakfast early in the morning in good weather and a beautiful view! With our own house on Karpathos we always have breakfast at home. Delicious (toasted) bread, tea and fresh gravy. But I also really like having breakfast outside the door. But what could be better than that every now and then a delicious breakfast is prepared for you. After all, you are also on holiday ????

We go to En Plo if we want to have a nice breakfast at the harbor. Because it is the capital of Karpathos, there is always something to do at the port. We choose Poseidon Blue if we want a little more peace with a beautiful view. Both have delicious breakfasts with tasty good coffee.

in Plo

The restaurant En Plo can be found at the harbor in Pigadia "under" the bank / restaurant Akropolis next to the stairs (see below via google maps). We often choose En Plo when we are on our way to a beach a little further from our house. Think of Appella, Kyra or Achata.

At En Plo they all have different breakfasts with really good coffee. You can choose everything you crave, from a nice breakfast with yogurt, fried egg on bread or a club sandwich ;). And Plo is also very active on Instagram, so if you take a nice picture of your breakfast, you should definitely tag them.

En Plo restaurant Karpathos Greeks eten (18)
En Plo Karpathos
En Plo restaurant Karpathos Greeks eten (6)

Our favourite: yogurt bowl

A few years ago other owners came in and lucky me not much has changed on the map! At least, things have mainly been added or changed in appearance, but I think few dishes have disappeared from the menu. Very nice, because my favorite breakfast was still on it: a yogurt bowl with fresh gravy and coffee. Vincent opted (yes, for breakfast!) for a club sandwich with chicken with fries. Both dishes looked beautiful. You really get a lot and it's really delicious! Imagine that you are in your summer outfit, in the sun, at the harbor and your morning really can not start better. ????

Happy hour in the evening

If we are in Pigadia in the evening, we also like to visit En Plo, because they have delicious cocktails and this menu has also become more extensive and now even tastier ???? P.S. starts happy hour at 4.30 pm. Still need inspiration for restaurants for lunch or dinner? Check out our 5 favorite restaurants on Karpathos.

Poseidon Blue

Since Angela and Ingmar are taking over more and more from Angela's parents, they are improving their hotel and restaurant concept more and more. The restaurant is known for its quality and the dishes are dressed and prepared just a little differently. A number of rooms have also been adapted to a modern and luxurious segment. Of course, breakfast couldn't stay behind!

They also have a special breakfast menu for non-hotel guests where you can choose from a standard menu with fresh bread and fruit, orange juice, yogurt and delicious toppings. In addition, a number of more luxurious menus with an omelette or fried egg with bacon, pancakes, gluten-free breakfast and breakfast for the kids.

In addition, Poseidon serves delicious coffee. For the Dutch and Italians, this is the most important thing to start your day well! The combination of the delicious extensive breakfast with the view of Damatria beach is fantastic!

Breakfast Karpathos Poseidon Blue (4)
Breakfast Karpathos Poseidon Blue 1
Have breakfast Karpathos Poseidon Blue 5

Kalimera! We are Athina & Vincent. A Dutch couple who have been living on Karpathos for a few years. On this blog we share our stories and the most beautiful places of the island with you!

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