Mosaic workshop on Karpathos at Art&Walk

Fancy a creative activity during your holiday on Karpathos? Go for a mosaic workshop at Art and Walk on Karpathos! Last holiday we participated in this workshop. Read more about our experience here. Want to book this workshop directly? Then take a look at this page of Art and Walk.

People who know me know: I have no patience and don't call myself creative haha! My mother thought it was hilarious that we were going to do a mosaic workshop ;). Nevertheless, Vincent and I were incredibly enthusiastic when Renate and Thom invited us to this workshop. It was a pleasant afternoon and the result is impressive. 100% worth repeating!

Mosaic workshop Karpathos (1)
Mosaic workshop Karpathos
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Mosaic workshop

Last year we were already walking on Karpathos with Art & Walk. I think it's so beautiful to see how Renate and Thom bring a group of strangers together. That was also the case this time. We were together with a couple from Switzerland, which made us a small but cozy group.

We started the workshop with an explanation from Renate and Thom about what the intention was. We were able to continue working independently, but Renate and Thom both help where necessary. First of all, we had to think about what we wanted to make of mosaic. They have plenty of examples, but you can also look up an idea yourself via Google. Vincent wanted to make our house out of mosaic. I ended up choosing Nemo and Dory from the movie Finding Nemo.

To work!

Then you can draw your design in broad outlines with a pencil on your round, wooden board. Do you find this difficult? No problem, Renate feels free to help you with the sketch. When you have the sketch you can start working with the colored tiles. You can use 'old' broken tiles and if they are no longer there you can smash tiles yourself. With different tools you can then 'cut' the pieces of tile to give them a better shape. You can also give a little touch by adding other stones to your mosaic work. For example, I used a kind of round, convex stone as air bubbles (see photo below). You stick the pieces of tile around your plate with glue.

As soon as everything is glued, we have to check whether we have not forgotten any pieces. After that, the glue should dry for a day. Renate and Thom will then ensure that the joints between the tiles are filled. From the next day you can pick up your work from the mosaic workshop. Our artworks have been given a nice place in our house ????

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