How child-friendly is the Greek island of Karpathos?

A question we regularly get as soon as the season starts again: is Karpathos child-friendly or not? And answering is sometimes difficult, because when exactly is something child-friendly or not? Everyone has his or her own interpretation of that.

Karpathos is wonderful for children, but not necessarily child-friendly

Why we always tell it this way, we always explain to the person who asks the question. When something is child-friendly, children are often taken into account, think of all kinds of kids clubs and entertainment at accommodations, many other children of the same age, restaurants that have a special area for children to play and where the child is really central. Think of activities for children such as (large) playgrounds. Compare it a bit with whether something is wheelchair accessible or not. Yes, you can come to many locations with a wheelchair, but wheelchair friendly is something else ????

But Karpathos is nice for children? Yes, definitely! I, Athina, have been coming to the island for holidays since I was 8 years old and have always been able to enjoy myself. It's not for nothing that I live there now ????

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What should you not expect on Karpathos when it comes to how child-friendly the island is?

We said it a bit: just don't expect special entertainment aimed at children/teenagers. Therefore, do not expect water parks, bananas to sail, special kids clubs (or babysitting service) or mini discos. As long as you do not assume that, you and your child (ren) and super fun time on Karpathos. Even without this kind of entertainment, there is plenty to do!

What is there for children to do?

  • There are several hotels with swimming pools
  • Lots of different beaches where they can swim, jump from a rock (think of Amoopi and Kyra Panagia) and build sandcastles (Amoopi and Arkassa).
  • Snorkeling is possible in so many places on the island, so if they like it that is also a nice option.
  • There are regularly high waves on Arkassa, so going into the water with a body board is really great fun!
  • There are various activities that are fun for both adults and children, such as a mosaic workshop, windsurfing, climbing or a boat trip to one of the many beaches.
  • There are a mini playground or play equipment here and there (nearby) near an accommodation.
  • Does your accommodation not have a swimming pool, but would you like to swim in it? Then take your kids to the Island Pool bar in Pigadia
  • What is nice is that Karpathos is not an island for young people. Which is nice for the kids, because you don't run into groups of drunken young people who are going to be the beast. We mainly see parents without children (or who have already left home) or couples between the ages of 20 and 35.
  • Do you have teenagers with you? There are several bars and one discotheque (Heaven stage; outside the city). Where you can enjoy a night out.
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