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Last Friday we already told you via Facebook & Youtube: the winter edition of Greece magazine (dutch) is in shops now and we are in it with a really cool interview! In this blog we would like to tell you a bit more about how the interview with Greece magazine came about and what we think of the result. Enjoy!

Where it all began

If you have been following us for a while, you will know that we got the keys to our house on Karpathos at the beginning of this year. We arranged the purchase of the house through Elxis. This is an estate agent for Dutch and Belgian people who want to buy (or sell) a house in Greece. Vangelis, our contact person, thought we were a special choice (because who buys a second house in Greece before he is 25) for the magazine. He then asked us if we would like to do an interview about our house for Greece magazine. Of course we thought that was great! Frederiek contacted us a week later. She is a journalist and always writes the columns ‘departed’ in Greece magazine.

Griekenland Magazine - vertrokken naar Karpathos

The interview

Frederiek was the journalist who came to our home for the interview for Greece magazine. Vincent was a bit skeptical in the beginning about a ‘real interview‘. I think he was a bit preoccupied with journalists for those tabloids, haha! This interview was really fun! It didn’t feel like a question mark at all. We just had a nice chat about our house, Karpathos and our dreams for the future.

Frederiek also told us about her love for Greece and especially their wines. At the end of her visit, she gave us her book Grapes and Dew – A journey along Greek vineyards. In this book, she takes you on a journey through Greece, taking you into the Greek wine culture. Neither of us has read the book yet (I know, lack of time is no excuse, but we do use it haha!). In any case, it is going with us to Greece, where we and others can read it when they stay with us.

Hereby a shout-out to Frederiek: Thanks for the nice conversation and a great article & your book 🙂

Read here the article (Dutch)

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