From Karpathos a day trip by boat to Kasos

Yesterday we went to Kasos for the first time (!) by boat. The plan had been on our list for so long, but every time the holiday was over and we hadn't been there yet. So yesterday it was high time: a day trip to Kasos. In this blog we take you through our day and how you too can plan your day to Kasos.

Kasos is an island south-east of Karpathos. It is a tiny island where you can go by plane from Karpathos in addition to the boat. It's the shortest flight in Europe! The plane is super small and that's why most people go back and forth by boat. From Karpathos you can go here for a nice day trip, but you can also go here via other islands. To be honest, we were a bit surprised that the big boats from Anek and Blue Star Ferries moor in the tiny harbor of Kasos haha!

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With Art and walk to Kasos

Around half past 9 we go by boat from Karpathos to Kasos. The boat trip takes about 1.5 hours. Very nice to see Karpathos from a different side! We have already taken boats to the north several times, but now we have also spotted the south of Karpathos!

Once arrived at Kasos it is time for a cup of coffee and then we go to discover one of the villages. Renate takes us through the cute little streets of the island. Locals love having you there and everyone is so sweet and happy to have a chat.

Renate takes us to 6 churches that are connected to each other. This kind of church is the only one in Greece and has a beautiful story about 6 fairies and a musician.

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Day trip to Kasos Art and Walk Karpathos (10)

Lunch and afternoon program

After a nice walk it's time for lunch. Renate and Thom have put together a really nice lunch for this day trip. A good chef who previously worked at Poseidon Blue on Karpathos now has his own pizza restaurant on Kasos. However, Renate and Thom managed to arrange that, in addition to pizza, he also puts together all kinds of special snacks for this lunch. We ate a Greek salad (no, not the standard Greek salad!), meatballs and zucchini appetizers. It may sound simple, but they were all really special snacks!

After lunch we walked to a small harbor and from that moment on everyone can do their own thing. Me and my mother sat down on a terrace, my father went swimming and Vincent went for a 2nd walk with Renate to a special chapel a bit outside the center.

At a quarter to 5 it was time to get back on the boat back to Karpathos, but whoever wants can always spend the night on Kasos and return to Karpathos at a later time or even to another island, because Anek 's large ships also come here and Blue Star Ferries .

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Kasos island Greece

Also with Art and Walk to Karpathos?

Every Wednesday (2021) Art and Walk organizes a day trip from Karpathos to Kasos. If you want to join, you can reserve a spot via their website.

Yourself on an adventure

Of course you can also discover Kasos on your own. You can do this all by yourself or one of the audio guides from Art and Walk. They will be launching these soon, so stay tuned! If you really want to go on the road yourself, you can of course do that too! Kasos has all kinds of nice restaurants, beautiful sights and a few hotels if you want to spend the night. Later in this blog we will tell you more about discovering Kasos on your own.

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Kasos Princess – the yacht that sails from Karpathos to Kasos

Kasos Princess is a beautiful boat that sails almost daily from Karpathos to Kasos and even on Thursdays to Sirtia (Crete). For €20, you have a return ticket. Take a look at the Facebook page of the boat to check departure and arrival times. You can buy tickets at Possi Travel, among others.


Kasos is small, but has several cozy villages and a beautiful history. For such a small island there is still quite a bit to see and do! For example, you can go cycling, follow a workshop or book a tour through Kasos Tours.

You can read more about Kasos and their attractions here.

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  • Fancy a nice frappe? Then you can go to Blue Mare .
  • For the delicious pizzas you can go to Pizza Di Kasos.
  • Here you can also sit at a super cute little harbor.
  • Here you also have a cozy spot that overlooks the harbor.

Hotels op Kasos

For the enthusiast: you can also spend the night on Kasos. There are several hotels on the island, so you can enjoy the real Greece even more. The next day, or a few days later, you can return to Karpathos with the Kasos Princess. Or hop with the larger boat Anek Lines or Blue Star Ferries to another Greek island. Enjoy!

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