The best beach in Greece | Apella beach, Karpathos

On the Greek island of Karpathos, you will find the best beach in Greece. It is not without reason that it was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2003. Today we take you on a day at Apella!

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Mooiste strand Griekenland Apella Karpathos 7

The route to Apella beach

Apella is located in the North of Karpathos. It is a 30-minute drive from the capital Pigadia (also called Karpathos town). Not only the beach is beautiful, but the road to Apella is also worth the many stops and photos.

Just before the road to the beach starts below you come to a beautiful viewpoint where you can already see the most beautiful beach in Greece. A good moment to put the car aside for a while and take some pictures.

For those who prefer not to spend all day on one beach, you can combine Apella with the nearby beaches Kyra Panagia and Ahata.

Tips for your visit to the best beach in Greece

Are you planning to go to Apella this summer? Here are our tips to make it a great day!


Apella is one of the most beautiful beaches for snorkeling. So don’t forget to bring your mask. Curious about the other places where you can snorkel well? Check out our blog about snorkeling on Karpathos.

Go early

Apella is busy and hot. Therefore, go as early as possible. We park here along the road and it is nice if you do not have to be at the top and do not have to do too much when driving off.

In addition, it is often windless on Apella and it remains very warm. Therefore, go as early as possible. On the left side of the beach (from arrival at the beach the furthest corner!) The shade will soon come so you can sit here if you are even tired of the sun.

Find the spot to view over the best beach of Greece

Halfway up the beach, there is a small road going up to the left. So don’t forget to bring sturdy sandals or shoes, because the view is beautiful. It is not very far up, but from here you have a beautiful view of the beach: so do it!

Go by boat

Don’t have your own transport on Karpathos? or do you just think it would be fun to take a boat trip? You can also take the boat from Karpathos-town towards Apella. The boat also stops at Vasilis Paradise (only accessible by boat) and Kyra Panagia.

Read here more about the boat trip to Apella

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