We are going to Karpathos for a couple of months!

Yess! You’ve read that right. Vincent and I have made the decision and we are going to chase our long-cherished dream: we are going to our favourite Greek island: Karpathos! Do read on if you want to know more 🙂

What are our plans?

Honestly, our plan has been in its infancy for a while. Months ago we already had the idea – if everything worked out – to go to Karpathos in 2021 for a few months. Still, about 4 weeks ago was the deciding factor for us. Our vacation to Karpathos was canceled in September due to corona and we were so sad. Stupid corona! And we just really wanted to start as entrepreneurs (more about that later in this article). Where you would expect we would choose to go to Karpathos in April (logical the weather is good and the season starts at this time) we have decided to quit our paid job in January and start our entrepreneurial journey. And why not go to Karpathos in January then?

Within 3 days we had figured out everything in our head and we were sure of it. That same week we both resigned (as of January) and our best friends are of course already informed. We are still celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve here and somewhere in January, we are going to leave for Karpathos for a few months.

For now, we are arranging many things. Busy with starting up our own company, but I am also further adjusting The Karpathos guide. In addition, we also have to look at other things that we have to arrange, such as extra-long travel insurance (most are only for 6 weeks in a row). The car also causes extra costs here and taking it with us is not an option (much too expensive) so we have already sold it. Saves money and once we get back to the Netherlands we will look for a new one, although we hardly drive it. A busy, but super fun period so this!

Karpathos zonsondergang Arkassa

Our entrepreneurial journey

Vincent and I have been interested in a healthy lifestyle for a long time. In 2016 I lost 14kg (in a healthy way, no diet or starving myself!). Vincent has also been very interested reading and learning about a healthy lifestyle for as long as I’ve known him. In recent years, however, we have been increasingly concerned with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as medicine. That started when I became chronically ill a few years ago and I went from hospital to hospital on (unnecessary medicines such as antibiotics and anti-depressants) without a cause being found.

Don’t get us wrong. Medicines can certainly help, especially in acute cases. And now and then I also take medication for my migraine. But it remains that medicines do not solve a cause and a healthy lifestyle and nutrition can help with that!

Vincent and I have therefore started training as a nutritionist and orthomolecular therapist. Behind the scenes, we are busy with a website and all other business aspects that come with it. We are also already guiding people so that we can offer our packages even better as soon as everything officially goes live.

When can you turn to our help? Consider, for example, people who have rheumatism, PCOS, menopausal complaints, or intestinal complaints. Together we will look at how we can reduce your complaints and (if you have any) medicines through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Would you like to lose weight or do you think that there are just other points to be gained in nutrition and lifestyle? That is also possible through us

We will soon start officially with this and will therefore work online. That is especially nice for both parties in times of corona. In addition, I found it difficult to go to appointments during the time when I was very ill because I often did not have the energy for it. Then Vincent had to take me an hour’s drive by car. Of course, he does without complaining, but for some, this is not possible. So it’s extra nice for people that they can meet with us from home.

The name of our company has a little Greek touch The Kefi Lifestyle. Our vision is to create a healthier life with kefi ( happiness) for as many people as possible!

Do you have any questions? Ask them below! Of course, there will be 1 or more blogs with tips if you also want to go abroad for a few months and then I can include these topics in this blog!

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