Profit Illias walk with Art & Walk

There it is: my very first blog on The Karpathos guide. Usually, Athina is always the one who writes the articles, but since she did not follow the Profit Illias walk, it was my turn to write a blog. Enjoy!

Last summer I went for a walk with Art and Walk. Early in the morning Athina and I went to the bakery to get fresh bread and then Athina dropped me off at the taxi rank in Pigadia. By the way, no pity for Athina;) She had a lovely breakfast at En Plo and worked on The Karpathos guide there.

Our party was a pleasant mix of companies from Denmark, Cyprus, and the Netherlands. Before we really went for a walk, we drove by car towards Ahata. From there we started the walk Profitis Illias. We started the first part at a low level. We walked past all the olive trees and we had a beautiful view of the villages in the mountains. After we had walked in it was time to go climbing and we actually ended up in the mountains. From here we had a breathtaking view over Ahata and we even got a glimpse of Pigadia!

When you arrive at the top you will first see a ruin that overlooks Pigadia. There is a beautiful traditional Greek church. At the rear of the church, you have a beautiful view of the beach of Ahata. At this point, it was time for a break. We had a nice cup of coffee and a piece of melon.

The Profit Illias walk is definitely recommended! A nice walk that is not very difficult in terms of level. Thank you Thom and Renate for this amazing walk, you guys rock at organizing these walk and have so many interesting things to tell about the island and especially everything that grows and blooms!

Interested in the hiking routes and art workshops that Renate and Thom offer? Check their website Art and Walk.

Profit Illias walk Art and Walk Karpathos
Profit Illias walk Art and Walk Karpathos
Profit Illias walk Art and Walk Karpathos
Profit Illias walk Art and Walk Karpathos

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