Island life on Karpathos | Part 1

Time to write the first update about our adventure as digital nomads on Karpathos! Wednesday, January 6 was an exciting day. We flew from Amsterdam to Athens to continue flying to Karpathos 2 days later. I don’t want to waste time on explaining the whole corona situation. It is a situation with a big negative vibe and it is better to ban those kinds of vibes from your life as much as possible. I can briefly say that there is little to nothing going on on the island (code green here), but the rules (because they apply to all of Greece) are very strict. Compliance with this is a different story on the island.

In the past weeks, we have mainly been busy with some practical matters. Shopping for example and we had to order wood for the fireplace. Until now we had no internet in the house, we now have to arrange that. Unfortunately, all of this does not go so quickly. We are still waiting for workers from Rhodes who will run the cables for us and then the internet box has to be placed in the house. They expect to come by maybe next week … we’ll see. Until now we work via a mobile hotspot, but that means being very careful with the data, we are very limited in this.

We also immediately started doing some renovations. More about this in another category perhaps ‘renovations on Karpathos’ or something 😉 We have taken out our traditional Greek bed and now made a new place to sleep there. We also made a nice desk for Vincent where the computer can be placed. That computer came from the Netherlands via a pallet. Along with 100 other items. About 1.5 weeks after we arrived on the island ourselves.

And then there is our own company. We recently started The Kefi Lifestyle. Vincent is an orthomolecular therapist and I am a nutritionist. We provide online nutritional advice. We help with vague complaints and see nutrition as medicine. We do this online, which is ideal because it means that we are not dependent on location!

So mainly busy with all kinds of things indoors. We try to walk outside as much as possible when the weather is nice. The weather is super changeable. One day it is 8 degrees and then suddenly 18. I have already dared to go into the water once (see photo below;)). It was cold!! But once you are through it is doable for a while.

For now this was the update. We hope on the internet soon so that we can also share more via social media 🙂 Bye!

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Welcome to the Karpathos guide! This is your guide to the Greek island Karpathos. Enjoy your holidays on the beauty!

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