The weather on Karpathos

Karpathos, like many other Greek islands, is truly a seasonal island. The best time to visit is between May 1st and about half October. Of course, you can also go outside the season. Keep in mind that it is a lot quieter then. A lot of restaurants are closed then as well. Also, almost no aeroplanes fly in this period and you will have to fly via Athens or Rhodes. But how is the weather on Karpathos? Well, that depends on your personal preferences. I tell you what makes each month special.

May – Start of the season

The month of May is the start of the season, when Karpathos really opens up again. All restaurants are open again and the whole island is in motion. In this month the island is also the greenest, much greener than in July or August for example. However, you should take into account the occasional rain shower and the water has not really warmed up yet. It is between 20 and 30 degrees on the island, so you can already spend the days perfectly on the beach!

Araki strand Karpathos

June – The water is getting warm

The month of June is the calm before the storm 😉 The month falls nicely between two holidays and is therefore very quiet. The weather is a lot better than in May and also the water is a bit warmer. June is together with September for me the best travel time to go to Karpathos.

July – Perfect for windsurfing

The most expensive month for Karpathos is July. Not on the island itself, but the flights to it. July is of course the first week of the summer holidays, so that must be the reason. July is also a lovely month in terms of temperature and also for windsurfing on Karpathos this month – together with August – is perfect because the wind is often a lot stronger in Afiartis. July is also busier than May and June, but pleasantly busy.

Windsurfen op Karpathos
Karpathos lente bloemen

August – The busiest period

This month is the busiest of all. As far as you can call it busy on Karpathos. Of course, it is not Spain or Turkey, but still for many people who know Karpathos this month is too busy. Apart from all the tourists, many American Greeks come to Karpathos in August to visit their family and friends. Of course, the temperature is lovely in August, as is the seawater.

September – Tourism slows down

My personal preference is September. The summer holidays are over and so it is a lot quieter on Karpathos. However, the temperature is still very nice and also the seawater has warmed up nicely in the past months. During the day, the temperature is around 25 to 30 degrees, but it cools down a bit more in the evening, so make sure you have a jumper in your suitcase.

Oktober – The end of the season

The month of October is similar to September in terms of peace and temperature. There is a chance of the first rain in October, but this is usually later in the month. Between the 2nd and 3rd week of October, many direct flights are leaving and the island is preparing to ‘close down’. This also means that many restaurants will close during October. The last ingredients are used up and so not all dishes on the menu may be available.

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