We are going on sabbatical to Karpathos!

Yess! You read it correctly. Vincent and I have tied the knot. We are taking a sabbatical. For a long time we are going to Karpathos: yes!

What are the specific plans?

To be honest, our plan had been in its infancy for a while. We had the idea months ago – if everything worked out – to go to Karpathos for a few months in 2021. I would resign and Vincent would apply for a sabbatical at his work. In the end, things turned out differently.

Unfortunately, our holiday to Karpathos in September was cancelled. This came as a shock, we had been waiting for this for a while. Stupid corona! But… We wanted to start our own online company (and go in a completely different direction).

Logically, you would expect us to go in April at the beginning of the season. This was also the plan 😉 . But precisely because of the corona situation, we decided to quit our salaried jobs in January. Then stomach immediately starts with our entrepreneurial journey! Why not combine that with our longer stay on our beloved island Karpathos?

No more sabbatical

Within 3 days we had figured everything out in our heads and made the choice. That same week we both resigned (per January). So no sabbatical;). We informed our friends. But we still liked to be in the Netherlands during the December holidays.

For now we are arranging many things. Busy with the start-up of our own company, but also optimising The Karpathos guide even further. We also have to look at other things we need to arrange. Think of an extra long travel insurance. Most travel insurances are only valid for 6 weeks (consecutive).

The car, too, causes extra costs and bringing it here is not an option (far too expensive) so we sold it. It saves money and once we are back in the Netherlands we will look for a new one, even though we hardly drive in it. A busy, but super fun period!

Want to read more about the first weeks of our journey? Then be sure to check out our next blog.

Sabbatical naar Karpathos

Our entrepreneurial journey

Vincent and I have long had an interest in a healthy lifestyle. In 2016 I lost (in a healthy way, no dieting or starving myself!) 14kg. Vincent has also been working on nutrition, lifestyle and mindset for a long time.

In recent years, however, we have been increasingly concerned with using nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as medicine. This started when I became chronically ill a few years ago and had to go from hospital to hospital for tests. I was given all sorts of unnecessary medicines such as antibiotics and anti-depressants to test. All this without finding a cause of the symptoms at all.

Don’t get us wrong. Medication can certainly help, especially in acute cases. And I too still take medication now and again for my migraine. But the fact remains that medicines do not solve causes and that is exactly what a healthy lifestyle and diet can help with!

The Kefi Lifestyle

Vincent and I have therefore started training as nutritionists and orthomolecular therapists. Behind the scenes we are busy with a website called The Kefi Lifestyle and all the other business aspects that come with it. We are also already busy coaching people, so that we can offer our packages even better once everything officially goes live.

What does the Kefi Lifestyle do?

What does Kefi Lifestyle do exactly? We help people who suffer from a bloated stomach, migraine or food intolerances. Together we will see how we can reduce your complaints and (if you have any) medication through diet and a healthy lifestyle. Would you like to lose weight or do you think that there are other ways in which you can improve your nutrition and lifestyle? That too is possible via The Kefi Lifestyle.

We are going to officially start this soon, so we will perform our services online. Especially in times of corona, this is good for both parties ;). When I was very ill, I also found it difficult to go to appointments. I often did not have the energy for it anymore. Vincent then had to take me there by car, an hour’s drive away. He does this with all his love, of course, but for some people this is not possible. So it’s extra nice for people to be able to meet up from home.

Our company name also has a Greek flavour: The Kefi Lifestyle. The Greek word kefi stands for an intense feeling of happiness, energy and passion!

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