5 Romantic spots for couples on Karpathos

Greece is all about romance. So it's not surprising that so many couples go to the Greek islands! Yet some places are extra special. This is our top 5 most romantic spots on Karpathos. Enjoy ????

#1 Romantic dinner at Poseidon with full moon

Poseidon is a delicious restaurant in the village of Afiartis. The cook participated in Masterchef Greece and together with her (Dutch!) husband they set up this concept. You can really eat culinary food here and the view is fantastic. When it is full moon, you can see the reflection of the moonlight on the sea and it moves with the waves and wind. Really cool to see! Definitely visit and preferably at full moon. ????

Poseidon restaurant Karpathos (1)

#2 Kato Lako

This beautiful beach can be found near Kyra Panagia. It is very quiet, which is mainly due to the road to it. Kato Lako is not accessible by car. You need a quad (or a 4×4 car) and some guts, although this road will no longer be accessible by quad in 2020. The road to it is really worth it, because this beach is really beautiful! Unfortunately due to the same rain shower, a "taverna" has also been washed away. Here were some benches and funny signs.

Cool cave at Kato Lako

If you stand with your face to the sea, you can walk even more to the left. About 3 beaches further and some obstacles (yes must have something for it) you will find a cool cave. Around noon the sun shines perfectly in the cave (see below)! Highly recommended to take a look here.

Kato Lako beach strand Karpathos

#3 Sunset

The sunset is beautiful on Karpathos. You will find it on the side of Arkassa/Finiki/Lefkos (west side). We like to bring our own bottle of wine and 2 glasses and then just sit somewhere together. Have a nice chat, have a drink and watch the sun sink into the sea. So nice!

You can also choose a nice cocktail bar to enjoy the sunset. In Arkassa NuStema has a nice view and so does Malibu in Finiki!

Karpathos sunset

#4 Romantic sunrise on Karpathos

Just like a sunset, a sunrise is always a romantic moment. On Karpathos the sun rises on the east side. So choose a nice spot in Afiartis, Amoopi, Pigadia or somewhere towards the beaches Kyra Panagia, Apella and Ahata. We saw a beautiful sunrise when we stayed at Poseidon hotel and also at Lux View Villas near Kyra Panagia. But for us the most beautiful remains when we slept in our camper at Apella beach (this is not allowed, but we did this in March when there were no tourists yet.) See the picture below!

Image from WhatsApp on 2023 04 03 at 08.57.12

#5 Have a nice early breakfast

How we love mornings. Especially in the summer the morning is fantastic! Get out of bed early! The sunrise, fresh gravy with a sandwich and preferably a fantastic view. What a wonderful rest there is still in the morning.

If you spend the night in a hotel, there is a good chance that you will have breakfast in a (large) room. So go out for dinner! In Pigadia you will find several nice places for this. We breakfast on Karpathos please join En Plo. They have delicious breakfasts and you are right at the harbor. From here you can see everything, here it happens! ????

Have Breakfast En Plo Karpathos

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  1. Just a question: we are now on Karpathos and read somewhere that olive oil is also made here. Do you know if they sell this somewhere, and if so, where? Thanks in advance for the answer.

    • Hi Ruth!
      As far as I know, this is only in November at the pressing plant. Or you just have to ask a local there, they sometimes still have a stock where you might be able to buy a bottle.

      Happy Holidays!


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