Public transport and taxis on Karpathos

No need for a car or any other means of transport? Then take public transport to discover the island.

Public transport on Karpathos is easy to pay for. You pay between € 2 and € 7 per ride, this of course depends on the distance. From Pigadia towards one of the mountain villages such as Aperi, Pyles or Othos you will cost € 2,-. If you want to go from Pigadia to Lefkos, you pay € 4.80. More prices can be found on Karpathos by bus.

Public transport on Karpathos

The buses do not run very often on Karpathos. In the low season, the bus to most villages runs one return ticket per day. In the high season (mid-June to early September) the buses fortunately run a bit more often, but it is still very little. To Kyra Panagia, and Apella they still only drive once (round trip). If you really want to have the freedom (and no stress that the bus does not show up haha!) then you better rent a car on Karpathos. Below you can find the timetable of public transport on Karpathos. From May you will find the schedule for the year in question.

Bus schedule Karpathos 2021
Car rental Karpathos roads Greece

Taxis on Karpathos

On Karpathos there are not many taxis. I don't think there are 20 of them on the whole island. As far as we are concerned, taxis are not really recommended on Karpathos, but this mainly has to do with the costs. They are rather expensive in relation to other things. It is mainly comparable to Dutch costs as far as we are concerned. . Might be useful for a ride at the airport – Pigadia, but I'd stick to that. A nightly rate also applies at night. How much this is is not entirely clear. One says 50%, some say 5 euros. By the way, you will only find taxis in Pigadia, so if you need a taxi from Arkassa, you will have to call and you will often receive the bill from Pigadia to Arkassa.

The taxi stand has recently changed (May 2023). You will no longer find it at the pita gyros tent Erasmias, but behind the city hall. See below the image of Karpathos Taxi with the prices + their phone number.

Taxi prices Karpathos

Taxi price Karpathos 2023
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