Kato Lako | The hidden gem of Karpathos

I have been coming to Karpathos for 14 years now and now I discover new places every year. For example, last week I went to the Kato Lako beach with Vincent for the first time. Upon arrival we immediately thought the same thing: the most beautiful beach we have seen so far...!

11/05 Update | Due to the heavy rain a month ago, the road has collapsed quite a bit. You can no longer go to Kato Lako with a 4×4, walking alone!

Until a few years ago I had never heard of Kato Lako beach. I've probably driven past it vaguely, but I've never stopped to think about it. As a second excuse we always have a normal car and whoever goes to Kato Lako needs a 4×4 (or quad) in addition to a little guts. So we went to the capital last Friday to get a quad bike from Motocarpathos. We also rented a quad here last year and everything is always well organized. In the high season you pay a lot more for a quad. We paid 48 euros with full insurance. So that's for one day. While it can be 20 euros cheaper in May. Anyway, we're not complaining, we wanted a quad, that's something different than a car!

Kato Lako beach karpathos scaled

On to Kato Lako!

After breakfast at the harbor at En Plo we set off for Kato Lako. It was a bit of a search, because we did not know exactly where it was, but afterwards it is easy to find. You actually just drive to Kyra Panagia. Only just before you enter Kyra Panagia there is a sign 'Lux View Villas' (and Kato Lako is vaguely written on the asphalt). Here you go to the right. You then pass in front of the villas, straight ahead for a bit and then to the left. The road follows itself here.

At one point there is a sign with the text 'Only 4×4 – walking 20 minutes' and from that point on I got a little stuffy haha! The first part is quite spicy, especially if you are not used to anything. It is very steep and loose stones all over the place. In the end it wasn't too bad, but I must say the way back was a bit tougher. Going up is more difficult and you really have to gas quite a bit if you want to come up and then you have to be careful that you remain stable. Well, although the road was a bit of a swallow, Kato Lako is more than worth it.

Kato Lako is - because of the road to it I guess - very quiet. You could say that there are 5 beaches and per beach there were maybe 2 to 4 people! I can keep saying it, it's beautiful, see for yourself:

Kato Lako strand Karpathos 1 scaled
Kato Lako beach Karpathos cave scaled

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  1. Greece continues to fascinate! I'm going on a mom-daughter trip to Greece with my daughter in two weeks. Mainland or islands, both equally inspiring. Beautiful pictures! They already made me dream away ????

    • Very nice to hear! Have a nice holiday together?


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