Karpathos travel guide 2022

Yes! Our digital Karpathos travel guide is finally available. This is your e-book with the best information and tips for your holiday to Karpathos. In this e-book, we tell you about the best places on Karpathos, useful facts, and the tastiest dishes.

After reading this Karpathos travel guide you will know exactly where you should have been for an unforgettable holiday on this beautiful Greek island!

karpathos travel guide 2022

All in information and tips at hand


We have specially made a digital version of our guide. This way you can easily take it with you on a trip.

You can easily open the e-book on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Because you put it on your device as a PDF, you can always open it, even without the internet.

In addition, we have hyperlinked as many places as possible. By clicking on this link – if you have internet – you will automatically go to the company website or location via Google maps.

Note: This e-book is a PDF and not optimized for an e-reader. You can manually put it on your e-reader, but the format will not be 100% adapted to these devices.

This guide will bring you:

  • No more scouring Tripadvisor.
  • You know which highlights you shouldn’t miss
  • What to expect from Karpathos
  • Discounts on some of our favorite spots.
  • Our best tips
  • All knowledge about Karpathos.

This Karpathos travel guide contains:

  • 100 pages about Karpathos
  • All our favourite restaurants and bars
  • Top 10 most delicious foods on the island
  • Beautiful hotspots and fun activities
  • Beaches and hidden gems
  • All about transportation on Karpathos
  • Instagrammable hotspots
  • A map of Karpathos
  • Packing list
  • General information about Karpathos, the weather, shopping, and ‘good to know
  • Room for notes
  • BONUS #1 Welcome gift at some of our favourite restaurants and activities in 2022
Karpathos reisgids travel guide Review 1
Karpathos reisgids travel guide Review
Karpathos reisgids travel guide Review



How to I get this e-book?

When you have placed your order you’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail which contains a download link. This link gives you a PDF file which you can put on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

On which devices can I open the digital Karpathos travel guide?

Our Karpathos travel guide in a PDF document. This means that it can be opened on many devices such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. The document is not optimized for e-readers, but you can set it up manually. However, it will not be displayed optimally, especially with all the photos that our travel guide contains.

Why 2022? Is the guide not available after this year?

No worries! The e-book (or guide) is still available after 2021. We only update it every year so it might we possibly maybe add some hotspots or some spots are closed and we remove them.

Also, the discounts are only available for the year of the e-book. So in this case 2022.

How often can I download the Karpathos travel guide?

You will receive a download link that is valid for 30 days. After that, the link will expire.

We, therefore, recommend that you save the document directly to your computer.

You can put the document (if you have it stored somewhere) on different devices without limit.

Is the Karpathos travel guide also in paperback available?

Not yet. Maybe in the future!

How can I pay?

You can pay with credit card, iDEAL or bank transfer.

More questions?

Do you have any other questions about the Karpathos travel guide? Did you not receive a download link or is there something else? Contact us at info@thekarpathosguide.com

Sneak peak of the Karpathos travel guide


Over The Karpathos guide

Hi, We’re Vincent & Athina!

We have put all our knowledge and favorite places of Karpathos in an e-book for you!

For me (Athina) the first time in Karpathos was in 2004 and for Vincent, it was in 2012.

We are now sold and we partly live here. With this Karpathos travel guide, we want to inspire you to discover the island and make it a fantastic holiday.


Love, Athina & Vincent