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Are you also looking forward to a dream holiday to Karpathos? Forget the hassle of hours of searching the internet. Our digital island guide makes that a lot easier for you! With a lot of care and love for the island, we have bundled all our knowledge from the past years in this digital Karpathos guide. We visited (and photographed) every place ourselves. Personal tips and recommendations from a – now – local.

Wat zit er in de Karpathos guide?

 100+ pages with everything you want to know about the island

We have been coming here for more than 10 years and have now lived there for 2. This guide has been compiled by us based on our exploration of the island. The places in this guide have been personally visited and photographed.

 Hyperlinks for all spots

We have linked all restaurants, hotspots, activities and other places. When you have internet and click on this, you go directly to Google maps. So no more hassle with searching for the right location!

 Tips on transport on Karpathos

Whether you want to rent a car, scooter, quad or motorcycle. Or if you prefer to go by bus or a taxi. We have collected all the information you need.

 Access Karpathos Google Maps Locations (worth €7,-)

We make your holiday to Karpathos even easier with access to our private Karpathos Google Maps locations. We have all our recommendations (beaches, hotspots, viewpoints, petrol stations etc.) ready for you in our maps. As a result, you no longer have to 'pin' locations yourself and you can immediately and easily access our recommendations!

 15+ hotspots and the most beautiful beaches

The most beautiful places and beaches for you at a glance.

 40+ recommended restaurants and bars by area

From tavernas to luxury dining to cocktail bars. We have highlighted the best places when it comes to food and drinks for you. All spots have been tested by ourselves and we were satisfied, which is why we think they deserve a place in the guide and we recommend that you also visit it.+ everything you need to know about Greek coffees and alcoholic drinks.

  20+ activities

From hiking, to visiting the villages to windsurfing. We share more than 20 cool activities with you; something for everyone.

 Top 10

Our 10 top favorite dishes + where you can eat them & the top 10 most photogenic places on the island.

 All the practical information you need

General information about Karpathos, the weather, a handy packing list, space for your own notes

 Where to

Can you shop on Karpathos, where do we do our shopping? And where can you find the tattoo shop, hairdresser, nail stylist & beautician? You will also find this in the guide.

 BONUS | Discount codes

We have arranged a nice discount code or present at some of our favorite restaurants and activities. These codes are valid for the year stated on the guide.

IMPORTANT Our guide is a downloadable PDF file. Always easy to open on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. When you have completed your order you can download the guide on the thank you page or check the links in your mail. Download them within 24 hours and save them to your computer (or other device).

After your purchase, you will be added to our private locations on Google Maps. You'll also receive a simple instruction guide (English) in your email (on the Gmail you provided). Please note that granting access takes some time as we do this manually.

Had a fantastic holiday!

Rated 5 out of 5
30 October 2022

In September 2022 we visited the beautiful island of Karpathos for the first time. For our holiday we have purchased the Karpathos guide to explore the island and read up. During our holiday we made a lot of use of all the super useful tips from the guide and we discovered many beautiful places! Without the Karpathos guide we would never have discovered these gems. Really had a fantastic holiday and we also fell in love with the island of Karpathos! Thank you Athina and Vincent for the beautiful guide and all your tips and info! With love!

John a Hester

Highly recommended!

Rated 5 out of 5
30 August 2022

Highly recommended! We got a lot of great tips from it.


Delightful guide

Rated 5 out of 5
12 August 2022

Just booked a holiday to Karpathos and then immediately bought The Karpathos Guide. Received it digitally straight away. What a delightful guide! I am looking forward to it!


Handy with the left

Rated 5 out of 5
15 July 2022

Ordered immediately, great fun. Couldn't stop reading. Nice tips and super handy with the links. I'm more and more excited to get to know Karpathos. Until next week!


Nice guide!

Rated 5 out of 5
11 July 2022

We are now on Karpathos, what a nice guide! Have already followed all the tips. Super!

In the mouth