Island life on Karpathos #1

Time to write the first update about our island life adventures as digital nomads on Karpathos! It all started on Wednesday 6 January, what an exciting day that was. In the middle of corona time with limited information we flew to Karpathos. This was where our adventure was really about to begin!

Our trip to Karpathos

We left Amsterdam for Athens, for our stopover. Here we had to wait 2 days before flying on to Karpathos. I don’t want to elaborate too much on the whole corona situation. It is a situation with a mega negative vibe and it is best to banish that kind of vibes from your life as much as possible. But if you want the latest update on corona you can find it on the link.

On the island, there is little or nothing going on. For the time being, Karpathos is marked with code green, but the rules are much stricter than in the Netherlands. Complying with them is a different story on the island.

First weeks of island life

The past few weeks we have been busy with some practical matters. Shopping and arranging wood for the fireplace. We also didn’t have internet in the house until now, so we really had to arrange that 😉 . Unfortunately, all that is not going so fast. We are still waiting for a team from Rhodes to come and pull the cables for us. When this is done, the internet box still has to be placed in the house by the team from the island itself. They expect that they might come next week… we will see. Until now we work through a mobile hotspot, but that means being very economical with the data.

Starting to odd jobs

We also started doing odd jobs right away. More about that in another section. Something with ‘chores on Karpathos’ or something like that 😉 We took out our traditional Greek bed and made a new sleeping place of it. We also made a nice desk for Vincent, where the computer is. That computer came via a pallet from the Netherlands about 1.5 weeks after we ourselves arrived on Karpathos. The pallet was completely filled with all kinds of stuff!

Karpathos Pyles

Own online business

And then there is our own online business. We recently started The Kefi Lifestyle. Vincent is an orthomolecular therapist and I am a nutritionist. We give online nutritional advice, help people get rid of their vague complaints and use food as medicine. We do all this online, which is ideal, because it means we are not dependent on a location!

Exercise sometimes slips by

So we are mostly indoors doing all kinds of things. We do try to get as much exercise as possible by walking when the weather is nice. But unfortunately the weather is so variable that we can’t do it all. One day it’s 8 degrees and the next day it’s 18 again. I did dare to go into the water once (see picture below 😉 ). It was cold! A bit cliché, but once you’re through it, it’s manageable for a while. But you can’t really call it tasty.

For now, this was the update. We hope to have internet soon so we can share more via social media 🙂 Bye bye!

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