6x Free activities to do on Karpathos

There are lots of free activities on Karpathos that you can do while on holiday. In this blog I will share my 6 tips with you. Enjoy!

#1 Kali Limni

The Kali Limni is the highest mountain on Karpathos. From Volada you can walk up to it (1.5 hours +/- there and back). Try to go when it is not cloudy. Once at the top you can see both ends of the island. A shame if there are some clouds in front of it… πŸ˜‰

#2 Snorkelen

Snorkelling on Karpathos is really great! You see many different coloured fish underwater and I have even seen starfish, snakes and spiders! See the best places to snorkel on Karpathos here. And did you read my review about the Easybreath mask yet? A really nice thing!

Snorkelen Karpathos Easybreath snorkelmasker Decathlon

#3 Olympos

Karpathos has beautiful villages in the mountains such as Volada, Pyles and Aperi, but one of the most famous is Olympos. This village is still very traditional and here you will find the women in traditional costumes. During the day, it has become very touristy. Make sure you are in the village before 11.00 or go at the end of the day. Read more about our day in Olympos here.


#4 Accuse ruins

On Karpathos you will find many remains from the Roman times. Especially in Lefkos, Pigadia and Arkassa you can find a lot. The photo below is taken by chance on the road to Apella beach. Go early so it’s not so hot when you visit the ruins, then you can cool off in one of the many bays.

Tristomo Karpathos Greece (1)

#5 Hiking on Karpathos

On Karpathos you can do some very nice hikes. Is this one of the main reasons you come to the island? Then go in April or October, it is not so hot and with occasional clouds, hiking is still the best. There are a number of beautiful walks, about which a number of special hiking books have been made.

#6 To the beach

Of free activities on Karpathos, this one is a bit obvious maybe, but still. Karpathos (and actually Greece in general) is known for its beautiful beaches! Check out the 5x most beautiful beaches of Karpathos here.

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