A day trip from Karpathos to Kasos island

Yesterday we took the boat to Kasos island for the first time(!). The plan had been on our list for a long time, but every time the holiday was over and we had not been there yet. So yesterday it was high time: a day trip to Kasos. In this blog, we will take you through our day and how you too can plan your day to Kasos.

Kasos island is located south-east of Karpathos. It is a tiny island that can be reached by boat as well as by plane from Karpathos. It is the shortest flight in Europe! The plane is super small and therefore most people go by boat. From Karpathos you can go here for a nice day trip, but also via other islands you can go here. To be honest, we were a bit surprised that in the tiny harbour of Kasos, the big boats of Anek and Blue Star Ferries dock, haha!

Dagtrip naar Kasos Art and Walk Karpathos (1)

With Art and Walk to Kasos island

Around half-past 10 we take the boat from Karpathos to Kasos. The boat trip takes about 1.5 hours. Very nice to see Karpathos from another side! We already went several times with boats to the north, but now we spotted the south of Karpathos as well!

Once we arrive on Kasos, it is time for a cup of coffee and then we go and explore one of the villages. Renate takes us through the cute little streets of the island. Locals love it that you are there and everyone is so sweet and happy to chat.

Renate takes us, among other things, to 6 churches that are attached to each other. This kind of church is the only one in Greece and has a beautiful story about 6 fairies and a musician.

Dagtrip naar Kasos Art and Walk Karpathos
Dagtrip naar Kasos Art and Walk Karpathos

Lunchtime and a good afternoon

After a nice walk, it is time for lunch. Renate and Thom have put together a really nice lunch for this day trip. A good chef who used to work at Poseidon Blue on Karpathos now has his own pizza restaurant on Kasos. However, Renate and Thom managed to arrange that he put together all kinds of special snacks for this lunch, besides pizza. We ate a Greek salad (no, not the standard Greek salad!), meatballs and courgette snacks. It may sound simple, but each and every one of them was really special!

After lunch, we walked to a small harbor, and from then on everyone could do their own thing. I and my mum sat down on a terrace, my dad went swimming, and Vincent went for a second walk with Renate to a special chapel a bit outside the center.

At a quarter to 5 it was time to get back on the boat to Karpathos, but those who want to can always spend the night on Kasos and return to Karpathos later, or even to another island, because here too the large ships from Anek and Blue Star Ferries.

Dagtrip naar Kasos Art and Walk Karpathos
Dagtrip naar Kasos Art and Walk Karpathos

Join Art and Walk to Kasos island!

Every Wednesday (2021), Art and Walk organize a day trip from Karpathos to Kasos. If you want to join them, you can book a place on their website. You can do that here.

Go on your own adventure

Of course you can also discover Kasos on your own. You can do this all by yourself or use one of the audio guides of Art and Walk. They will be launching these soon, so stay tuned! If you really want to explore Kasos on your own, then that is also possible! Kasos has many nice restaurants, beautiful sights and some hotels if you want to stay overnight. Further on in this blog we will tell you more about exploring Kasos on your own.

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With the yacht Kasos Princess to Kasos Island

Kasos Princess is a beautiful boat that sails almost daily from Karpathos to Kasos and even on Thursdays to Sirtia (Crete). For €20,- you have a return ticket. Take a look at their Facebook page if you want to know about the time table. Tickets you can get for example at Possi Travel.


Kasos is small but has several cozy villages and beautiful history. For such a small island, there is still a lot to see and do! For example, you can go cycling, follow a workshop or book a tour through Kasos Tours.

Read more about sightseeing on Kasos here.

Dagtrip naar Kasos Art and Walk Karpathos


  • For a frappe: visit Blue Mare.
  • For the famous pizzas go to Pizza Di Kasos.
  • Here you can enjoy the view over a small little harbor.
  • And also here you can enjoy the view.

Hotels on Kasos

For those who love it, you can also stay overnight on Kasos. There are several hotels on the island, so you can enjoy the real Greece even more. The next day, or a few days later, you can simply take the Kasos Princess to Karpathos again. Or hop on the larger boat Anek Lines or Blue Star Ferries to another Greek island. Enjoy!


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