Covid Karpathos | What is the status on the island?

Going to Karpathos soon? You can read everything about the covid status on the island of Karpathos on this page. We do our best to keep the page as up-to-date as possible 🙂

Latest update: August 4, 2021

How is the situation on Karpathos now?

We get a lot of questions about what it is like on the island and whether it is relaxing to go on holiday and we can tell you with confidence: it is really a holiday here. There are few or no cases (sometimes 1-2, but that’s it). The rules in Greece are quite loose here and you will notice little. So you can really enjoy your holiday!

Also a reassurance for everyone who heard that only vaccinated people are allowed in a restaurant: this only applies for inside and not for outside and since everything is outside on Karpathos, this is not something you have to worry about 🙂 Enjoy!

Travel advice Karpathos (from a Dutch point of view)

Since June 24, the whole of Greece except Athens has been put on yellow again by the Dutch government. You can travel to Karpathos with TUI, Sunweb or Eliza was here. Sometimes it’s cheaper to book loose tickets and a stop-over in Athens. Check Aegean air for this option.

Karpathos in corona tijd

English PCR test

You enter Greece with one of the following proofs translated into English: proof of antibodies, negative PCR or proof of vaccination. This applies not only to Karpathos but again to the whole of Greece.

For the Dutch people among us. We had the PCR test done via Coronalab. At Coronalab, you get the results in English. With this you can prove in Greece that you do not have corona. We are very satisfied with the staff and how quickly the result was announced!

Update: 24 June | From Today on a Rapid test is also allowed. This can usually be done at the same organisations that do the PCR tests.

Check here the latest rules on arriving in Greece.

Additional forms and codes

Those who travel to Karpathos in this corona time also have to fill in a PLF form. You can fill in the form here invullen. You will then receive a QR code. You must also show this on arrival.

Testing on Karpathos (for your departure home)

Please check the government website in your country if quarantine or any testing is needed when going back to your home town. In case you need a PCR or RAPID test to go back home you can to these at one of the places below on Karpathos:

Saria Karpathos strand

Measures on Karpathos for corona

The same measures often apply to the whole of Greece. Sometimes it can differ per region if the number of infections increases. At the moment, shops and tavernas are open and the following rules apply on Karpathos regarding corona.

  • Anyone going outside should let you know (also for a walk). Read here how this works via SMS.
  • Night-time curfew from 00.30 to 05.00.
  • It is compulsory to wear a mask indoors and in crowded and packed places outdoors.
  • Keep 1.5 metres distance from each other.
  • In a hire car you can drive with a maximum of 3 people together, with the exception of families.
  • Restaurants and cafés with outdoor areas will open from 3 May. Employees must test themselves several times a week. This does not apply to visitors. Also, masks are not forced on visitors.

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