Everything you need to know about Arkassa beach (Agios Nikolaos)

The village of Arkassa has a beautiful beach called Agios Nikolaos Beach. It is a large beach consisting of sand! A lovely beach without pebbles or stones. In this blog we will show you what this beautiful beach has to offer.

Arkassa Karpathos strand

Where is Agios Nikolaos Beach?

The beach is located at the bottom of Arkassa between the taverna Glaros and KarPassion Beach Bar. Below you can find the exact location of the beach. When you enter the village of Arkassa from Pigadia/airport you turn left at the first junction and right at a T-junction. If you drive out of this you will find the beach. You can easily park also there your car or scooter. On a clear day you can see Kasos from this beach!

Facts about the beach of Arkassa

Here we will share with you some fun facts about Agios Nikolaos Beach. When it is the best time to go to this beach and what you should definitely do!

High waves

The first part of Agios Nikolaos Beach is shallow, which creates some waves very quickly. When the wind is strong, the chance of waves is a lot higher, but if you have the chance to go to Agios Nikolaos the day after full moon, than you will have the highest chance of high waves! We go to the beach just to jump in the waves! If you have a skimboard, you should definitely bring it with you. Be careful not to go to the side because of the stream, there are rocks here you don’t want to bump into 😉

Arkassa hoge golven
Arkassa strand Karpathos (2)
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Krab (2)

Beach volleyball field

During the main season, a group of fanatics come together in the afternoon to play beach volleyball against each other. It used to be 2 pillars that were dug up every year. Manolis the owner of the Stema Bar arranged this every year. Since a number of years, two professional poles have been placed which also remain in place during the winter. So you see how seriously these competitions are taken 😉

Small crabs

Especially in the early season in April/May when there are few tourists, there are all kinds of small crabs. You can see their holes when you walk on the beach. When we are on the beach around this time, we always enjoy seeing them crawl by. There is no need to be afraid, there is only a very small chance that they will bite you with their claws. The crabs are more afraid of you 😉

Party every Sunday

The KarPassion Beach Bar Beach Bar regularly plays good music in the afternoon. But every Sunday afternoon from 16.00, a DJ plays specially for you ;). That’s when the extra party takes place, which attracts many young people (including many locals). What’s not to like about ending the weekend with a nice drink on the beach and some loud music playing in the background?

Karpathos zonsondergang Arkassa
Stema Bar Arkassa Karpathos 1 1


The setting sun is really beautiful in Arkassa. You see it completely disappear in the sun. Tip to take a drink and a snack and enjoy it on the beach. From KarPassion Beach Bar you also have a perfect view on the setting sun. But if you are in Arkassa for the sunset, the most beautiful place is at the Stema Bar.

Archaeological discoveries

In Arkassa, all kinds of archaeological discoveries have been found which you can see at Chapel of Agia Sophia which is near the beach. The easiest way is to drive there by car/scooter but of course you can also walk to the chapel. This summer Athina’s father found a marble pillar on the beach Agios Nikolaos. The archaeologist was very happy with it!

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